fat loss factor by Dr. Michael Allen- Low-fat cottage


In this case I chose rice Choleric in combination with one piece of fruit. It is therefore a combination of slow and fast carbohydrates for fat loss.

After physical exercise is needed to give the body the necessary nutrients again, so that it can regenerate. You will follow a similar meal, as we had for lunch

The second dinner, approx 1 hour before bedtime, to eat last Food will be rich in slowly absorbable protein such food to be ordinary low-fat cheese, which contains proteins from casein.

Sample diet schedule for the day:

Low-fat cottage cheese (250g) + 1 tomato

This schedule should not be taken as universal for all. Detailed treatment diet depends on many factors of each individual, from which it can be assumed – weight, height, current calorie intake and output, etc.

Nowadays, however, need not be referred to as “the meat with rice”

Built this schedule can enrich even the so-called supplements. What are all these supplements?! It is, in other words, food supplements. I emphasize the word supplement because it is not a substitute for regular meals, but on its completion!

Many of us already know what it is, but most still groping and lost in the vast offer of such products and know when to why and how to use.
Therefore, here for example I will diet enriched with certain supplements.
Sample diet schedule for the day, including supplementation with fat loss factor product by Dr. Michael Allen


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