Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller-Jumping rope

ImageTwo jumpers holding two jump ropes, arm movement is necessary and reminds spinning mill. Jumping wheels practitioners practice the excellent coordination skills and communicate with each other with Jump Manual info by Jacob Hiller

Exercisers will become quickly addicted to timing (timing), which is virtually unique. Tricks and exchanges that you can invent have no limit. Be creative with Jump Manual review by Jacob Hiller

Double Dutch

Two long rope that rotates two gymnasts from each other – more jumps in the middle).

Double Dutch for most jumpers very appealing form of rope skipping.

This is the form team, so it is very important that practitioners used to each other. The same timing, adjusting to one another, the perception of fellows and mutual assistance is essential joy of success.

Double Dutch perfectly practice the coordination and communication between team members.

Speed single rope

This is a speed jumping individual and especially for athletes who love the high frequency hop or multiple hops and went through basic diving lessons given.

This event is for advanced exercisers with sufficient levels of fitness. Ski jumpers must be able to develop a high frequency hopping and maintain proper jump techniques. Jumping over a well defined time (30 sec, 3 min.).


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