Mental Illness



“When you ride with all the limitations that life brings with depressive partner, then you have as good a relationship as other couples,” he says.

“It is this reconciliation with the fact that the partner is ill, it is difficult and a lot of people with similar experiences to not, as I once learned in group therapy, which we participated with a partner.

Most people can understand the physical illness, because any physical pain we all experienced.

 The emotional pain is worse. Great people are also experiencing sadness, but repeated deep depression is different.

Partners and relatives of depressed individuals feel that sadness when they have mastered, then the others must as well, and that when they do fail, they are weaklings.

It took me years before I realized that my partner is not a wimp. We have had hard times, but because we have ceased to love, we found common ground.

It takes but a lot of understanding and compromise. ” Understanding could have thirty-four albino, who lived with a depressed partner for five years.

“The longer it did not work,” he says. “It was the best of five and I almost went crazy self.

Partner suffered from bipolar disorder, and despite taking medication, his condition is sometimes manifested in the increased rate. It was never clear what to do for a while, if you fall into apathy, or select the account and buys nonsensical and unnecessary things.

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