How much to drink


Once you know how much to drink, you should also know what to drink. We often assume that our fluid intake is perfectly fine, but the reality is different.
Drinking sometimes exchanged for food and often into each pour liters of pollutants.
Perhaps it is no secret that the drinks are the best pure water. A fully suffice the tap. Some bottled water is not nearly as good as just water city Water is the best choice

If for some reason you are forced to drink bottled water, the best is the natural spring water or natural weakly mineralized, such as Bo aqua, Apulia, Reject, Tom natural, good water.

 “Remember to rotate so that your fluid intake varied and they add lemon, lemon balm, peppermint, but also orange or apple,” recommends Lade Oscoda of DIET PLAN.

Medium-and high-mineralized water, drink only occasionally and in small amounts – up to 0.5 liters per day. Water should not be even with bubbles and artificial sweeteners.

Do your drinking regime shift and tea – green, herbal and fruit. But not the sweetened ice – in half a liter Ice Tea is eight sugar cubes!
Juices, sodas, Fresh and syrups

The juice will find a lot of sugar – in liters to 30 cubes of sugar, which corresponds to the energy lunch.

But when you give, sometimes 2 dl nothing terrible will happen.
Fresh vegetable and fruit juices are a better option, contain no preservatives are fresh without pasteurization, on the other hand, the so-called fast sugars – are in 100 ml to 3 cubes of sugar.

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