Body Shaping


Body shaping in and good manor with Customize fat loss review by Kyle Leon 

Burn fat, strengthen muscles and improve your results with training by timely Major ova with Customize fat loss info by Kyle Leon


Here are the basics of the program that we offer. This training, underpinned year of experience and trial and error, presents exercises, techniques and guidelines for the series and repetition, as well as recommendations for cardio, which effectively sculpt and shape the body.

Program, which aims to add some lean muscle mass and sculpt core muscles, it covers every major body part and is divided into upper and lower half.

The whole body will train twice a week, alternating upper and lower halves. Cardio will perform six times a week with one day of rest.

“Rest is important,” says Tim. “When I started, I was really overstrained and my legs always retain a lot of water, because I was doing too many exercises.

I ran ten kilometers, then rushing out to the stairs; I practiced pressures legs, lunges, squats – everything you can imagine.

 I was doing ten exercises with heavy weights and I never could separate the muscles, because each hold water.

That was my biggest mistake when using Customize fat loss product by Kyle Leon

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