Going on Diet


Don’t rush to cut down your calories. Going on diet will leave you exhausted and stressful. And remember, you have the responsibility of new infant with fat loss factor reviews by Dr. Michael Allen

Your child needs your full care and attention in the first three months.

So it is very important for you to stay healthy which can be acquired by eating healthy. Give time to your child for recovery with fat loss factor info by Dr. Michael Allen

Don’t follow any strict exercise plan right away. It can have adverse effects on your health. You can start with light and moderate exercises after returning home.

Don’t go for strained exercises before your first post pregnancy check-up. Try involving yourself in simple outdoor activities. You can walk with your baby in the garden daily with fat loss factor info by Dr. Michael Allen

Give yourself at least three months after pregnancy to regain your strength.

Then you can initiate with a healthy weight loss diet and a good exercise plan.

But don’t try for fast weight loss program. Consult your doctor before adopting any diet plan or exercise program. Eat healthy and exercise wisely.

Eat all types of foods like breads, cereals, rice, vegetables, fruits, milk, cheese, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds etc. and drink an adequate amount of water with fat loss factor product by Dr. Michael Allen

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