Formation of Activities


You must be emphasized that only the natural production of this hormone leads to favorable formation of these activities, not to mention an important factor in elite athletes (artificial supply of testosterone is considered doping) with Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle reviews by Tom Venuto

How can increase testosterone production while for a banned substance?

The process is quite simple!

Already the strength training is a factor that stimulates excessive secretion of testosterone as we can understand from many, both our and foreign studies with Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle info by Tom Venuto

An amount of testosterone, which is secreted by the body is mainly dependent on the type of movement and exercise intensity.

Training that is short and intense has a positive effect on the leaching of the hormone. -On the other hand, prolonged training mainly strength-endurance character has exactly the opposite effect (leaching is reduced).

These findings are crucial in preparing not only by bodybuilders, but also athletes who seek to increase the proportion of lean mass and therefore thinking “the longer the better” troubled your body actually unnecessary.

It can be assumed that blood testosterone can be increased from a few percent up to, which is incredible 210% of the original value.
blood level of testosterone decreases in endurance exercise performance, and therefore the method of circuit training or exercise at sites not just an ideal to increase muscle mass with Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle torrent by Tom Venuto

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