Heart Muscle


This is the example of the heart muscle, a heart attack occurs and you can avoid this with customize fat loss reviews by Kyle Leon

Case of brain tissue will develop stroke-stroke.

Clog the vein thrombosis, blood can not flow out well and the exposed part of the body (usually the legs) father and hurts.

In addition, a portion of a blood clot in a vein can break off and be entered blood flow into the pulmonary artery. This condition is called pulmonary embolism, and it may already be compromised and the life of the patient.

Thrombosis respectively with customize fat loss info by Kyle Leon

Thrombus can also occur in the heart. To do this, they are prone certain conditions, especially heart disease, artificial heart valves and rhythm disorder called atria flutter or fibrillation, especially if the atria widespread.
Then we have to start treatment with medications called anticoagulants that.

For us this involves medication warfare, possibly further lowering Polenta.

They are therefore reasons l E c EBN ý chi (treatment of venous, arterial thrombosis or embolism) or PREVENTIVE chi (in order to prevent venous, arterial or intracranial thrombosis).

Sometimes their use of temporary, sometimes it is necessary to feed their whole life / as after implantation of mechanical heart valve prostheses with customize fat loss by Kyle Leon
Thus we can repeat that these drugs serve as a treatment for already existing thrombosis or embolism or prevention in at-risk situations prone to thrombosis to prevent this disease with customize fat loss torrent by Kyle Leon

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