Vision without Glasses – Visit to Doctor

ImageI ordered it thus to an ophthalmologist, took us up for two months, in the meantime, he leveled it, but I did not want to neglect anything, and the doctor why I visited with Vision without glasses by Duke Peterson.

Although the son of visually perceived, and tracks objects doctor prescribed atropine drops POS to a week dripped son and son after he checked.

I’m not sure, though; there was no problem to son drops ever enjoyed, due to containing the poison. So please advice whether use is necessary and reasonable with Vision without glasses clues.

ANSWER: These drops untreated – doctor wants to temporarily block the focusing muscle in order to assess the actual state of dioptrically apparatus.

Archive: Hello Doctor, I spend at work around 9am daily at Monitor complies with TCO 99, but the monitor refresh rate is 60Hz.

Recently, noticing that my eyesight worse and it hurts me eyes. Can you tell me whether this frequency is thus suitable for long use PC Thank You?

ANSWER: There should be sufficient – rather than frequency is a good monitor to be connected to the digital interface and the POKLUDA be LCD, CRT Nicola.

If the problems persist I recommend checking the eye – maybe you need glasses weak
Archive: Hello. I’m 21 years old and lately bothers me vision problems with Vision without glasses scam.


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