exercise regularly

If you exercise regularly, you come to the refining process, which can manifest as headache, discharge, rash, diarrhea or watery secretions from the nose


 To minimize the effects of movement, increase your daily intake of fluids (especially water without bubbles).

Never not practice in slippery shoes, socks or stockings. It is advisable to practice barefoot

On the trampoline can run, jump some from side to side, and lift your knees alternately up, Twist, with Jump manual scam by Jacob Hiller

Starting and ending exercise is recommended in the rhythm of walking. At least five minutes to allow you to start playing and at the end calmed down. “


“Practice on a small trampoline is the best way to circulate lymph fluid,” says author Dr. Samuel West. A further says: “If the lymphatic system is properly circulated, it is not practically possible to get sick.”

How can bouncing on a rebounded improve lymphatic system? Lymphatic or immune system circulates lymph fluid through many arteries or veins are valves that perform the function of a check valve.

 Bouncing on a rebounded pressure changes in the system, opens and closes the valve.

In fact, jumping on a trampoline increases the pressure closes the valves, the exit pressure drops and opens the valves. This allows the lymph fluid to flow freely with Jump manual scam by Jacob Hiller



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