Fat Loss for the Elderly


This is calculated as the number 220 minus your age, less trained or elderly people based on the numbers 200 or 180 minus age with Kyle Leon Customize fat loss reviews

If you’re untrained or are still experiencing still overweight, run more slowly in pulse mode at less than 60 percent of your maximum heart rate, which activates the metabolism with Customize fat loss torrent by Kyle Leon

You can still sing?

Fact that you are in the aerobic phase, you will find not only when you put on your wrist or neck pulse by measuring (when running it is not easy), but mainly by “being.”

 If you can sing while running or chat with, it means that your breath is only slightly accelerated, and you have reached your aerobic rhythm.

The pulse can also be viewed using a device called sport tester. Without it, you would never jut people with health, especially heart problems.

To ride off route if possible daily or at least every second or third day, so that you “get in the leg”

 Gradually increase the share of run at the expense of walking, you finally have run for ten minutes. Every third workout Run about a minute or two longer.

Although you feel well, do not increase the time that elapses, the more than ten percent per week.

Healthy individuals in middle and old age should elapse for an hour about nine kilometers with Customize fat loss programs by Kyle Leon


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